Here - The Liquor Giants (America)

Label:Rubber Records
East Side Digital Records
Highlights:67 East 2nd Street
An Arm Around You Too
Now That
Everybodyís A Genius
Hereís To You

Rating: 7.5/10

The Liquor Giants may well be Americaís equivalent to You Am I. Indeed lead singer and songwriter Ward Dotson is credited on You Am Iís #4 Record. Here is the Liqour Giants second album and is a fine collection of pop songs and upbeat mid-tempo rock Ďní roll that brings to mind such bands as the Replacements and the Kinks. Ward Dotsonís nasal voice may not appeal to everyone and at first listen Here may not seem to be anything extra special. However, several listens later hooks begin appearing and the timeless nature of many of the songs becomes evident. Unlike many American power pop bands, The Liquor Giants donít need layers of studio production and they sound all the better for it.

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